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John’s Story from Uganda

Being born in a poor family, the world never seized to endanger me, I was born premature and then put in an incubator for 4 months but on the side of my parents it was another story, they were preparing for the burial. Really God remains God; I managed to leave the incubator alive.
The problem was I could not eat anything apart from drinking tea only until I was 6. My life was so different from others and segregation was the way forward. When I was in my year 3, my mom got a stroke she went paralyzed, my dad had gone to war since he was a soldier.
My mom was pushed to the village and I remained in the city alone, I had no option rather than going to the streets, I experienced the toughest life there, hope was no more and for my future it was full of darkness.
I hated the world as well as myself and I was just waiting for my death. One day a preacher passed by proclaiming the message of the Lord, he gave me his time as well did I do, and I saw really only JESUS would set me free. I accepted Christ as my personal savior.
And I engaged myself to prayer, fasting and attending fellowship. In 2004 my dad came back from war alive, I left the streets and life became hopeful again. I joined school again and this time I stood to be a change maker and soul winner, during my high school in 2012 I formed a youth ministry and we manage to win over 300 souls in school, the ministry never ended there but also it changed lives of many students. We owned the biggest fellowship of over 400 students in school, and now I am at the university (2013) and God is still doing wonders, I mean he has already provided all tuition fees.
God has given me his favor and I am now a youth pastor at one of our local church in Mbarara, Uganda at the same time I am a gospel music singer. Jesus raised me from zero to hero, from grass to grace and from nothing to something……BLESSED BE THE NAME OF JESUS.