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Leticia’s Story,
Lost, full of doubts, confused and so alone. The troubles and worries of life that I felt and carried around were so painful and heavy. Becoming a single mother didn’t make living life any easier to live. Although I was raised up as a child, told to believe in Jesus, a heaven and hell, I had no idea who Jesus really was and what it meant to go to heaven or hell. I assumed that if I was a caring and loving person and gave to the homeless, I would make it to heaven. Heaven because that’s where all the “good” people go, right? Well then, I became so tired, the burdens the heartbreaks, the pain of rejection; that even my daughter didn’t seem like much of a reason to live for. I was broken.
Never before had I felt so alone, so unloved. Sure I had family7 and friends, but I was still empty. Then, I remembered what a friend told me, that prayer is simply a conversation between me and God. I never prayed before and wasn’t quite sure how to, but I knew then, when I was broken I had to try it. I cried and told God everything. All that I had done in sin, all my failings; the hurt and emptiness…Immediately, I felt His presence come over me with a sense of peace, a love that I’ve never known before. I had a good feeling in my heart. I was being healed and forgiven. All that I searched for in the people around me, all that I needed to live life all along it was in Jesus. God’s grace, mercy His love and peace was more than enough for me.
Never before had I felt so alive. I felt as if the troubles and worries I felt and carried around for so long were gone. Most of all, I felt loved; like somebody cared and that was Jesus. My life has not been the same since the day I accepted Jesus as the creator and my Lord, Father and Savior. Doors were being opened, my heart was healed and relationships were being restored. I had strength to carry on. I had a purpose for living. Never again have I had to walk a day alone. God is with me, through every breath, every step every word. Because of Him, I am still here.
God bless,
San Diego, CA.